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Welcome to G'Nosh Treatery & Dessert Catering!

Specializing in custom cakes, also available are cookies, cupcakes, brownies & blondies, cheesecakes, cheesecake cakes, cream cheese mints, sweet snack mixes, truffles and dessert buffets.  Food allergies can also be accomodated!

Most orders need only 24 hours advance.  Some need less!  Need a treat to take to a last-minute party?  Looking for something special to send to school for a birthday or holiday treat?   We can customize cookies, cupcakes, and brownies or take one of our addicting sweet snack mixes!

Special occasion cakes need a little more time to ensure the perfect centerpieces for your party!  Each creation is customized to your event.  Whether a sheet cake or 3-tier stacked cake, you and your guests will love a cake from G'Nosh Treatery!  Not a cake-lover or looking for something a little different?  A dessert buffet may be the perfect fit for you!  We can create a signature dessert just for your occasion, plus have cakes, cookies and other lucious treats that your guests will love!

I have been around cake decorating a majority of my life.  My grandmother made most of my cakes growing up.  She even made my 4-tier wedding cake!  She always made my cakes with tinted icing and they were hand-drawn.  That is something that is very hard to come by now. I have made my childrens' cakes the last few years and enjoy baking all around, so I decided to create a company at the urging of many friends and family that have seen and tasted my work!  The menu is based around items that I love to make: cookies, cupcakes, brownies and sweet snacks along with making custom cakes.

Delivery is available for all items and shipping is available for most!  Browse the menu and order today...your treats are just moments away!

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